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-[[:​72:​start|Stages V7.2]]+====== How to change the password ======
-====== How to Change Password ======+To change your password, go to your user profile homepage, scroll down to Security and Privacy, and type your old as well as your new password. To make sure you are not mistyping the password and locking yourself out, you are asked for your new password twice.
-To change your password, go to your user profile ​homepage.+{{  :72:profile-password.png?​direct&​800x357 ​ }}
-**Steps:**+The new password is effective immediately.
-   - Scroll down to the section '​Security and Privacy.'​ +If your organization is using a centralized ​password ​scheme, e.g. LDAP or SAML, you will not be able to change ​your password ​hereIn this case, please ask your IT Helpdesk or the Stages Administrator on how to change ​your password.
-  - Type in your old password ​in the text box titled 'Old Password.+
-  - Type in your new password ​in the text box titled '​Password.+
-  - Re-type ​your new password in the text box titled '​Repeat Password.'​ +
-  - Click the blue '​Change password'​ box to create ​your new password+
- +
-The new password is effective immediately.+