ClearCase Integration

Stages Configuration

<!—- **** Rational ClearCase Configuration **** -->

<cms-type name="ClearCase" factory="de.methodpark.cms.clearcase.ClearCaseFactory">

<cms-property name="client"

<!--**** Path for the location of snapshot views ****-->
<cms-property name="sandboxDirectory" value="sandboxes/ClearCase"/>

<!--**** Describes pattern for allowed file paths ****-->
<cms-property name="validatePath"

<!--**** Describes pattern for allowed file names ****-->
<cms-property name="validateFilename" value="^[^\\/:*?<>\"@,';|]+$"/>

<!--**** OPTIONAL: Only to be used when a “element –directory”-rule shall be
added to the config specs: ****
<cms-property name="directoryBranch" value="/main/LATEST"/>

<!--**** OPTIONAL: Only to be used when other branches than “/main” are accessed
and new file shall not be selected by “/main/0” for adding them to the branch:
<cms-property name="mkbranchSource" value="/main/LATEST"/>

<!--**** OPTIONAL: Specify view Tag prefix (needed for example when multiple
Stages servers access ClearCase: ****
<cms-property name="viewTagPrefix" value="_stages"/>

<!--**** Specification of view storage location: ****-->
<cms-property name="vws" value="\\viewstorage\specify\location\here"/>

<!--**** OPTIONAL: Specification of view type (dynamic or snapshot). By default
snapshot views are created. ****
<cms-property name="viewType" value="dynamic"/>

<!--**** REQUIRED IF DYNAMIC VIEWS ARE USED: Drive letter of the Multiversion
File System ****-->
<cms-property name="mvfsDrive" value="M:"/>

<!--**** OPTIONAL (SNAPSHOT VIEWS): Configures how long Stages waits for the
possibility to run an exclusive update on/in a snapshot view when another update
command is already running there (default is 60000 milliseconds). ****
<cms-property name="updateLockTimeoutMillis" value="120000"/>

<!--**** OPTIONAL: Configures how long Stages waits for a cleartool command to
finish (default is 60000 milliseconds. ****

<cms-property name="timeoutMillis" value="120000"/>

<!--**** OPTIONAL (SNAPSHOT VIEWS): Can be used for activating the creation of
logfiles by ClearCase when a view is updated. ****

<cms-property name="updateLogging" value="true"/>
<!--**** OPTIONAL: Activates/deactivates the possibility to edit config specs in
CMS profiles (deactivated by default). ****
<cms-property name="editableConfigSpecs" value="true"/>