ClearCase Integration

Creation of a CMS Profile in Stages

For details regarding the creation of a CMS profile in Stages please see the Stages User Guide.

The attributes of a ClearCase CMS profile are:

  1. Name: If you are using multiple CMS profiles within one Stages project, they can be distinguished by their name. (optional)
  2. CMS: Selection of the CM system. Only the CM systems predefined in the PKitConfig.xml configuration file are displayed and available.
  3. VOB tag: The VOB has to be valid on the Stages server and must be accessible.
  4. Branch Type: If no branch type is entered the /main branch is used.
  5. Config Spec: Only displayed if CMS Property “editableConfigSpecs” is predefined in PKitConfig.xml (see chapter 3.1). Config Specs should be configured by ClearCase experts.
  6. Use as Default: If you are using multiple CMS profiles within one Stages project you can select one as the standard profile. All files which should be accessible through Stages will automatically have this CMS profile assigned.
  7. Use for Resources: You should enable this option, if you plan to integrate resources from this CMS profile.
  8. Use Global Predefined Comments: Further comments can be predefined after saving the CMS profile for the first time.
  9. Sandbox Path: After saving the CMS profile Stages generates the Sandbox directory automatically. The Sandbox path can be defined in the PKitConfig.xml configuration file (see chapter 3).