ClearCase Integration

General Requirements and Information

  • Supporting ClearCase Version 7 and 8.
  • The ClearCase commandline client “cleartool.exe” and the “ClearCase Explorer” must be installed on the Stages Server (standard clientinstallation).
  • The client must have access to the ClearCase server. Additionally access to all VOBs as well as View Storage Locations is required which should be accessible through Stages. The Stages service must be started with the user account that shall also be used to access ClearCase.
  • If another storage location should be used than the “default view storage location” of ClearCase, this location must be specified in the Stages configuration file PKitConfig.xml. When Stages shall work with dynamic views the specification of the view storage location is required. The view storage location must exist and it must be accessible.
  • Views do not have to be created manually. Stages creates the required views automatically (by default snapshot views).
  • If Stages shall operate with dynamic views, the MVFS ClearCase file system on the Stages server must not be set to “Case Insensitive”.
  • If multiple Stages servers are in use (i.e. production1, production2, test), the value of the viewTagPrefix (see chapter 3 in the Stages configuration file PKitConfig.xml) has to be configured uniquely for each Stages Server. The following options are possible:
    • Option 1
      • Server A – No CMS-Property viewTagPrefixdefined. Stages uses the default value pkit_view_.
      • Server B – The configuration of the CMS-Property viewTagPrefixhas to be defined, the value must not be identical with the default value of Server A, i.e. __pkit2_view_
    • Option 2
      • Server A - CMS-Property viewTagPrefixhas been defined, i.e. _servera_view_
      • Server B - CMS-Property viewTagPrefix has been defined, i.e._serverb_view_