1. Precondition: A tool/website to create image maps is required

In this description the online image map generator image-map.net is used to create the image maps. You can also use your preferred solution.

Steps to copy the target link in Stages

  • Open the editor
  • Click on the Chain-icon
  • Navigate to the element which you want to link with your clickable area
  • Copy the link into the clipboard
  • Close the window

3. Now switch to your preferred image map tool/website

In this example we explain the procedure using image-map.net

  • Open the domain and choose a picture from your PC or load a picture from a website into the generator
  • After you see your image, choose the shape for the clickable area and mark it in your image
  • Use the link you saved in the previous step of Stages. Optionally you can assign a title. You can distribute additional areas if you want your image to have more parts to click on.
  • Click on Show Me The Code!
  • Please copy only the <area…> tags

4. Head back to Stages

  • Upload your image to Stages
  • Double Click on the image and paste the copied link into the Image Map field
  • manually delete the target=“”section
  • Click on Save

Your clickable image is ready to use