Adding Clickable Images in Description

Clickable images are typically needed in landing pages or when you want to provide a visual map which can be clicked to take user to another location in Stages or even a weblink.

1. Select image map tool

A tool/website is required to create image maps. In this description the online image map generator is used to create the image maps. You can also use your preferred solution.

2. Copy target link you want to apply to your image map

Open the editor and click on the Chain-icon

Navigate to the element which you want to link with your clickable area. Copy the link into the clipboard.

3. Switch to your preferred image map tool/website

In this example we explain the procedure using

  • Open the domain and choose a picture from your PC or load a picture from a website into the generator
  • After you see your image, choose the shape for the clickable area and mark it in your image
  • Use the link you saved in the previous step of Stages. Optionally you can assign a title. You can distribute additional areas if you want your image to have more parts to click on.
  • Click on Show Me The Code!
  • Please copy only the <area…> tags

4. Switch back to Stages

  • Upload your image to Stages
  • Double-click on the image and paste the copied link into the Image Map field
  • Manually delete the target=“”
  • Make sure \, [,],:,# characters are escaped correctly inside the link e.g.
    • href=“[‌[[abc=#3:2]def]]” –→ ​​“[‌[\[abc=\#3\:2\]def]]
    • href=“[‌[‌[Role]ProjectManager\3]]” –→ href=“[‌[‌[Role]ProjectManager\\3]]“
  • Click on Save Your clickable image is ready to use.__