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Configure the Stages Server

CMS Prefetch Configuration

The CMS prefetch is a Stages system service. It ensures that Stages displays up to date information of documents that are managed by an external configuration management system (CMS). Therefore the CMS prefetch is scheduled periodically to retrieve the latest revision information for all documents of active projects.

Note: All changes of the configuration described in this document require a restart of the Stages service.

Configuration of the CMS Prefetch

The default configuration of the CMS prefetch is found in <PKITHOME>/WEB-INF/conf/PKitConfig.xml file:


 <property name="cms.prefetch.activated" value="true"/>
 <property name="cms.cache.refreshIntervalInMinutes" value="60"/>
 <property name="cms.prefetch.sleepMillisBetweenDocuments" value="0"/>
 <property name="cms.prefetch.workersCount" value="1"/>
 <property name="cms.prefetch.strategy.class"
 <cms> ... </cms>

A more detailed description of these properties can be found in the following table:

 In case no configuration management system is configured the prefetch service can be completely deactivated. \\
 Default = true|
 A new prefetch run will be started after this period of time. (In case of a too short interval it will be delayed until the previous run has finished) \\
 Default = 60|
cms.cache. lastAccessIntervalForActiveProjectsInDays
 The prefetch will only update documents that are referenced by projects that were used (browsed) within the specified time frame. \\
 Default = 4|
 In case the prefetch service produces too much CPU load on the Stages server or on the CMS, it can be forced to pause for some time. This will of course lead to longer running prefetches. \\
 Default = 0|
 In case the prefetch does not finish its work within the specified referesh interval, the amount of worker threads utilized by the prefetch can be increased. This will lead to additional CPU load and load on the CMS. \\
 Default = 1|
 Specifies the strategy implementation to use to update the document revision information. \\
 Default: de.methodpark.pkit.cms. prefetch.ClassicAllDocumentsStrategy|
 Where <CMSType> is the name of one of the CMS types specified by the cms-type Tag in the cms Section of PKitConfig.xml. It will only be used by some of the available Strategies. E.g. PrefetchByCMSTypeStrategy. It can be used to restrict the amount of parallel tasks that work on the same type of CMS. \\
 Default = 1|
 In case this property exists in PKitConfig.xml, scheduling of the initial prefetch run will be delayed until the configured hour of the day. Valid values are (0-23). E.g. for 22 the first prefetch run will be delayed to 22:00. It has to be ensured that the Stages service is up and running at this timepoint. If this property does not exist the prefetch will start directly after starting the Stages service. \\
 Default: <not set; start immediately> \\