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 ====== Debugging of BIRT Scripts (File Based) ====== ====== Debugging of BIRT Scripts (File Based) ======
 +This kind of debugging works under the following conditions:
 +|Report preview in the BIRT Designer|The debugging results/​files are accessible on the local computer.|
 +|Report runs on Stages Server|The debugging results/​files are accessible only on the Stages server.|
 +1. For BIRT Designer Script debugging add importPackage(Package.java.io) ; at the beginning of your BIRT Designer script.
 +2. Add the following lines to your BIRT Designer script, Stages Data Set script or Stages Data collector script.
 +Change the filename and path to your needs.
 +out = new PrintWriter( new FileWriter( "​c:/​debugging/​debugging.txt",​
 + true ) );
 +out.println("​hallo World"​);​