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 ====== Debugging of Data Set Scripts (Dataset Based) ====== ====== Debugging of Data Set Scripts (Dataset Based) ======
 +The following debugging mechanism can be used for Data Set scripts and Data collector scripts even if no Stages Server command line access is available.
 +1. Add a results column with the name '​debug'​ to your Data Set
 +2. Add the following javascript function to your Data Set script
 +function debug(str) {
 + ​dataset.setColumnValue("​debug",​str);​
 + ​dataset.storeResultRow();​
 +3. Use the function debug("​any kind of information"​) ; in your Data Set script to print your information.
 +This function call will generate a new row in the Data Set output. For production, you have to remove the debugging or you can filter them in the Data Set.