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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-[[:​72:​dimensions_config_global|Global CMS Properties]]+[[:​72:​dimensions_config_global|]]
 [[:​72:​dimensions_config_host|Host Sections]] [[:​72:​dimensions_config_host|Host Sections]]
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 [[:​72:​dimensions_config_host_prop|Host-specific Properties]] [[:​72:​dimensions_config_host_prop|Host-specific Properties]]
-=== Global CMS Properties ​=== +===   ​===
- +
-These following properties influence the general behavior of the Dimensions interface. The default values of the properties will be used if they are not explicitly defined and overwritten in the Dimensions cms-type section. +
- +
-^Property Name^Default Value^Description| +
-|connection.pool.size|15|The maximum number of open Dimensions connections that will be kept by Stages in its connection pool.| +
-| ::: | ::: |**Attention**:​ Before increasing this value please consider that each open connection results in one running process on the Dimensions server.| +
-|connection.timeout|120000|The time in milliseconds after which and idle connection will be closed.| +
-|validatePath| ​  |A regular expression pattern that defines which characters are allowed at which positions of a file path entered in the Stages GUI. A pattern which works in most configurations can be found in the default configuration file.| +
- +