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 [[:​72:​dimensions|Dimensions Integrations]] [[:​72:​dimensions|Dimensions Integrations]]
-====== Users and Permissions ====== 
-Each user who performs Dimensions configuration management operations via Stages needs a Dimensions user account. The user will be prompted once for his Dimensions credentials when they are needed. After successful authentication,​ Stages reuses the credentials for subsequent operations of the user, until an authentication attempt fails. 
-Beside the individual user accounts, one Dimensions account is needed by Stages for system and administrative operations. At the minimum this account needs read access to the items in all Dimensions projects/​streams that are referenced in Stages. 
-=== Recommended Product-Level Privileges === 
-  * **Reading/​Downloading Files** 
-      * Item: Browse 
-  * **Modifying Files and their Metadata** 
-      * Project: Add Item revisions 
-      * Project: Create Directories 
-      * Project: Deliver Files into Project/​Stream 
-      * Request: Browse 
-      * Request: Relate Request to Item 
-      * Item: Create 
-      * Item: Action to Next State or Item: Action to Any State 
-      * Item: Relate Item to Design Part • Item: Revise Item Content 
-      * Item: Lock/Unlock 
-      * Item: Break Lock (this privilege is only necessary if a user shall be able to unlock items which were locked by someone else in a stream)