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-====== Description Templates ====== 
-==== Create a Description Template ==== 
-  - Select ''​Management > Descriptions'' ​ element in the Process Navigation. 
-  - Create a new ''​Description Template'' ​ via the "​+"​ button 
-  - Enter the template content into the Editor window. This text will be copied into your description after inserting the description template. 
-==== Insert a Description Template ==== 
-<font inherit/​inherit;;#​e74c3c;;​inherit>​**This functionality will be supported in V7.4**</​font>​ 
-  - Select the **Description** ​ button on the toolbar of the editor. The **Insert Description Template** ​ dialog window will appear. 
-  - Select a description template: 
-      - Select a description template in the current workspace by selecting an item on the left tree. 
-      - Change the workspace by pressing the **…** ​ button and selecting a workspace and a description template. 
-  - Click **OK** ​ and a description template will be inserted into the text. 
-//Note: If you use a Legacy template that hasn't been saved yet after the content migration, the template content is automatically cleaned up when it is displayed in the description. The Legacy template itself is not migrated.//