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 ====== Directives ====== ====== Directives ======
 +Directives are used to either hide text content in the browser display view or in the print view.
 +The following directives can be added to the text:
 +|nodisplay -->​|Start of a no display section|
 +|<​--nodisplay|End of a no display section|
 +|noprint-->​|Start of a no print section|
 +|<​--noprint|End of a no print section|
 +In order to work properly, an opening and a closing directive must be present.
 +//Note: Please be aware that selected text will be deleted while creating a directive. So just place the cursor somewhere.//​
 +//Warning: Placing the directive across table cells may lead to invalid descriptions not properly rendered by web-browsers. To avoid, ensure that every opening directive is closed in the same table-cell.//​
 +//Warning: Do not nest the directives.//​