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 ====== Content Migration ====== ====== Content Migration ======
-==== Toolbar Buttons ====+Migration of text written in the old rich-text editor (Stages 5.x) can be performed in two ways:
-====   ​====+  ​- on demand/step by step - this is the Stages Web method 
 +  - bulk/all in one - this is the Stages Composer method
-==== Keyboard Shortcuts General ====+Both methods use the same cleanup algorithms.
-^Keyboard Shortcut^Description| +==== On Demand Migration ====
-|__Crtl+S__ |Save and close the Stages Editor|+
-==== Keyboard Shortcuts Navigation ====+The on demand (step by step) migration is performed every time when a description is opened in the rich-text editor.
-^Keyboard Shortcut^Description| +The description which is stored in the database is validated and runs through a cleanup processIf Stages detects a content loss between ​the original and the cleanup version ​of the description,​ a compare view is shown and the user is asked if the convert operation should be performed.
-|__Home__ |Jumps to the beginning of the line.+
-|__Crtl+Home__ |Jumps to the beginning of the document.| +
-|__End__ |Jumps to the end of the line.| +
-|__Crtl+End__ |Jumps to the end of the document.|+
-==== Keyboard Shortcuts Writing ​====+==== Bulk Migration ​====
-^Keyboard Shortcut^Description| +The bulk migration can be performed by the Stages Composer. The Stages Composer performs an analysis of the complete process ​and offers ​list of warnings together with quick fix options.
-|__Enter (Return)__ |Ends a paragraph ​and starts a new one.| +
-|__Shift+Enter__ |Adds a line break.| +
-|__Backspace,​ Del__ |Deletes a character.| +
-|__Crtl+Backspace,​ Ctrl+Del__ |Deletes ​word.|+
-==== Keyboard Shortcuts Undo and Redo ====+Whenever a validation problem is detected by the Stages Composer a warning is produced. This warning is shown in the **Problems**-tab. All warnings of the type "//​Rich text markup is malformed. This may cause problems in the editor.//"​ are produced by the validation process.
-^Keyboard Shortcut^Description| +By right clicking the warning ​(or multiple warnigsthe quick fix menu is shown.
-|__Crtl+Z__ |Undo last operation. ​(Cannot undo saved operations)+
-|__Crtl+Y__ |Redo last operation.|+
-==== Keyboard Shortcuts Cut, Copy, and Paste ====+By choosing **Quick Fix --> Cleanup Formatting** either the formatting is cleanup or the **Cleanup Formatting** dialog is shown.
-^Keyboard Shortcut^Description| +==== Migration ====
-|__Crtl+X__ |Cut selected text to clipboard.| +
-|__Crtl+C__ |Copy selected text to clipboard.| +
-|__Crtl+V__ |Paste text from clipboard into the current position.|+
-==== Keybard Shortcuts Text Selection ====+The migration can be influenced by a number of configuration parameters. Please adapt the configuration according to your needs. The following automatic migration procedures are built in:
-^Keyboard Shortcut^Description| +  * Migrate old styles to new editor styles 
-|__Crtl+A__ |Mark all text in the Stages Editor.| +  * Rescue special HTML tags into unmanaged sections ​by 
-|__Shift+Arrow__ |Selects a text fragment ​by letters.| +      * tags 
-|__Crtl+Shift+Arrow__ |Selects a text fragment by words.| +      * regular expressions 
-|__Shift+Home__ |Selects a text fragment from the cursor to the beginning of the line.| +  * Copy parent tag styles ​to child tags 
-|__Shift+End__ |Selects a text fragment from the cursor ​to the end of the line. | +  * Copy child tag styles ​to parent tags
-|__Crtl+Shift+Home__ |Selects a text fragment from the cursor ​to the beginning of the document.| +
-|__Crtl+Shift+End__ |Selects a text fragment from the cursor to the end of the document. | +
-|__Shift+PgDn__ |Selects a text fragment of approximately the length of the editing area starting from the cursor and going down. | +
-|__Shift+PgUp__ |Selects a text fragment of approximately the length of the editing area starting from the cursor and going up. | +
- +
-==== Keyboard Shortcuts Text Styling ==== +
- +
-^Keyboard Shortcut^Description| +
-|__Crtl+B__ |Apply bold to the selected text.| +
-|__Crtl+I__ |Apply italic to the selected text.| +
-|__Crtl+U__ |Apply underline to the selected text. | +
- +