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Configure the Stages Server

E-mail Notifications

The Stages e-mail notification service informs Stages users about new news application entries and the assignment of new roles. Also Stages can schedule certain tasks such as the creation of a process version, if a notification server has been configured. The task will then be queued and the user will be informed once it is finished.

Before using this notification service, a few configuration parameters must be set in the <PKITHOME>/WEBINF/conf/PKitConfig.xml configuration file.


 <!-- url of Stages server -->

 <!-- name of SMTP server where e-mail can be delivered -->

 <!-- address that should be used as the "Reply-To:" header -->
 <!--address that should be used as the "From:" header -->
 <sender>Stages Notification Service <></sender>
 <!-- interval for "ASAP" notifications in minutes -->