Configure the Stages Server

General Configuration of Stages

Configuration File

Stages can be configured in the <StagesInstallDir>/conf/config.xml configuration file. In its properties section some parameters can be configured by introducing name-value pairs. For information about existing configuration parameters and their effect please contact the Stages support.

The following code configures a value of “” for the configuration property “”:

 <property name="" value=""/>

Configuration of Stages Service Parameter

Stages service can be configured in the tomcat service configuration GUI <StagesInstallDir>\tomcat \bin\tomcatw.exe. To start the tomcat GUI please run the following command in MS-DOS shell:

bin\tomcatw.exe //ES//stages

In the Java tab you can configure additional Java start parameter for Stages that are listed below:

  • Xmx (Max memory pool): 4048 MB
  • Xms (Initial memory pool): 4048 MB
  • Remote monitoring of Stages application via JConsole or JVisualVM
  • ​​​