Configure the Stages Server

Local News Application Categories

The Stages news application categories can also be configured individually. That means, categories can be removed or new categories can be added. This is done in the Stages configuration file named <PKITHOME>/WEB-INF/conf/PKitConfig.xml . In contrast to the license and signature files, this configuration file can be changed arbitrarily.

Individual Categories

Please see the configuration file <PKITHOME>/WEB-INF/conf/PKitConfig.xml that comes with Stages for a very detailed description of the category configuration specification.

Type Conversions

When the type of a category attribute is changed (e.g. from a text field to a date field), Stages must convert the old data into the new type. The following table shows how types are automatically converted:

New Type

Original Type
string text date selection
stringXconversion without lossconversion if string contains valid data, else DELDEL
textuse the first line of textXconversion if text contains valid date in first line, else DELDEL
dateconversion without lossconversion without lossXDEL

DEL: old attributes are deleted automatically

Attributes are only converted when the delete attribute of the categories element is set to true, e.g. <categories delete=“true”>. If the attribute is not true and categories were deleted from the configuration file, Stages prints warnings to the log file and refuses to start.