Configure the Stages Server

Project State

With Stages you have the possibility to assign specific states to your projects. Of course, the assignment and in particular the change of the project state should only be done by authorized users.

Before using the project state feature, the available states have to be defined. Therefore they have to be entered into the<PKITHOME>/WEB-INF/conf/PKitConfig.xml configuration file. The following example describes such a configuration.

 <projectstate name=""/>
 <projectstate name="red"/>
 <projectstate name="yellow"/>
 <projectstate name="green"/>

To support an international view of the states, you have to add one line for every available project state in <PKITHOME>/WEB-INF/classes/LocalPKit*.properties. For your convenience, the preceding project states are already preconfigured in <PKITHOME>/WEB-INF/classes/PKit*.properties.

You can use them as templates for new project states:

quickview.main.state. = Undefined = Red
quickview.main.state.yellow = Yellow = Green

After the assignment of a state, the project names are shown in a specific color in the project navigation tree. Therefore each project state is associated to one color. These colors can be configured in <PKITHOME>/custom.css Again the preceding states are already pre-configured in <PKITHOME>/standard.css.

.projectstate_red{ background-color:#ff7070 }
.projectstate_yellow{ background-color:#ffff70 }
.projectstate_green{ background-color:#70ff70 }