PTC Integrity Integration Older than 2009

Integrity Configuration Management Permissions

The system user specified in PKitConfig.xml for Integrity needs the following permissions:

  • AddMember
  • ApplyLabel
  • CheckIn
  • Demote
  • FetchRevision
  • Lock
  • Login
  • ModifyAuthor
  • ModifyMemberAttribute
  • ModifyMemberRev
  • OpenProject
  • Promote
  • ShareArchive

Note: If working is intended with a subproject whose project is not in the access-state, at least the permission OpenProject is required to the subproject. Additionally, if reading- or writing-access is intended to the subproject, all of the permissions listed above are required to the project (inheritance of permissions is possible).

In addition to the project-permissions, for ACL mks:patch the permission Download is required. By default this permission is granted to every user (permission of usergroup everyone).