PTC Integrity Integration Older than 2009

Basic Configuration in PKit.xml

<cms-type name="MKS" factory="de.methodpark.cms.mks.MKSFactory">
<!-- **** optionally specify host and port **** -->
<cms-property name="hostname" value=" HOSTNAME"/>
<cms-property name="generic" value="7001"/>
<!-- **** optionally specify user and password **** -->
<cms-property name="user" value="SI USERNAME"/>
<cms-property name="password" value="SI PASSWORD"/>
<cms-property name="client" value="C:\Programme\MKS\bin\si.exe"/>
<cms-property name="sandboxDirectory" value=" Sandboxes\MKS"/>
PTC Integrity Integration Guide 05.05.2015 17 - 20
<!—- **** Date format: English ****
<cms-property name="dateFormat" value="MMM dd, yyyy hh:mm:ss aa zzzz"/>
<cms-property name="dateCountry" value="US"/>
<cms-property name="dateLanguage" value="en"/> -->
<!—- **** Date format: German **** -->
<cms-property name="dateFormat" value="dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss"/>
<cms-property name="dateCountry" value="DE"/>
<cms-property name="dateLanguage" value="de"/>
<cms-property name="validatePath"
<cms-property name="validateFilename"
<!-- **** optionally specify which file types shall be added in binary format
use comma seperated list of file extensions **** -->
<cms-property name="binaryFormatFileExtensions" value="pdf,rtf,s19,s20,bin"/>
<!-- **** optionally specify a command invocation timeout limit in
milliseconds **** -->
<cms-property name="timeoutMillis" value="240000"/>
<!-- **** to deactivate usage of the "author" option set the following
property to false **** -->
<cms-property name="modifyAuthor" value="false"/>