PTC Operations and Commands

File Editing

Adding new files as member

  • Assign a new member to a project:
    • add

Reading and editing of members

  • Adding a label to a project-member:
    • Addlabel
  • Adding additional text to a member-revision description:
    • appendrevdesc
  • Open member-revision for reading purposes:
    • viewrevision
  • Open project instance for reading purposes:
    • viewproject
  • Checkout a member for modification purposes. Note: Only the last revision may be checked out.
    • co
  • List all locked members to a project:
    • viewlocks
  • Remove lock that has been created via checkout:
    • unlock
  • Recover content of a file before modification. If file has been locked, its state gets unlocked.
    • revert
  • Checkin and saving of all modifications to a member. Note: During checkin processes author-entry gets overwritten by name of the Stages-user.
    • ci
  • Delete member from a project:
    • drop

Display member information

  • List current member information (general and detailed information, e.g. author, state, revision comment, current revision number):
    • memberinfo
  • List information regarding all member-revisions (version history):
    • rlog