PTC Integration 2009 or Newer

Basic Configuration in PKitConfig.xml

The basic configuration of the Integrity interface needs to be done in the “cms” section of PKitConfig.xml (see example below).

For each Integrity server that shall be accessed by Stages a “cms-host” section must be defined. You have to provide values for the attribute “ident” and “name”. The name must be the actual name of the Integrity server. As ident you can specify either the same value as for host name or another unique identifier string. CMS profiles will later reference this ident. So you should not change it or remove it unintentionally when you already created CMS profiles for this host. The “displayName” is optional. With this attribute you can influence the Integrity server name that is displayed in CMS profiles.

The last required setting is the specification of Integrity credentials (“user”, “password”) for the Stages system account. All other settings are optional. Their meaning is explained in the comments below.

<cms-type name="Integrity" factory="de.methodpark.cms.integrity.IntegrityFactory">
 <cms-property name="validatePath"
 <cms-property name="validateFilename" value="^[^\\/:*?&lt;&gt;\&quot;]+$"/>
 <cms-host ident="host1" name="host1" displayName="Integrity Server 1">
<!-- Required: Integrity username of the Stages system account -->
<cms-property name="user" value="stagesadmin"/>
<!-- Required: Integrity password of the Stages system account -->
<cms-property name="password" value="thepassword"/>
<!-- Optional: The protocol for the communication with the Integrity
server (default: http). The usage of https is recommended. Https must be
enabled on the Integrity server.
<cms-property name="protocol" value="http"/>
<!-- Optional: Integrity port (default: 7001)
<cms-property name="port" value="7001"/>
<!-- Optional: Definition if new elements file paths will be created as
subprojects. If set to false, the path elements will be created as
directories (default: false).
<cms-property name="createSubprojects" value="false"/>
<!-- Optional: Timeout setting for the most Integrity requests in
milliseconds (default: 3000)
<cms-property name="timeoutMillis" value="3000"/>
<!-- Optional: Timeout setting for longer running operations (like checkins)
in milliseconds (default: 60000)
<cms-property name="longRunningOpsTimeoutMillis" value="60000"/>
<!-- Optional: This property can be used to explicitly define file types that
shall be added as binary files.
<cms-property name="binaryFormatFileExtensions" value="s19, s20, rtf, pdf,
<!-- Optional: Definition of the Integrity date format
(default: dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss). This setting will not influence how
dates are displayed in the Stages GUI.
<cms-property name="dateFormat" value="dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss"/>

Direct File Downloads from the Integrity Server

By default files will be downloaded via Stages. To reduce server load on the Stages server direct downloads from the Integrity server can be configured. This behaviour can be enabled by adding the following entry to the global properties section in PKitConfig.xml:

<property name="" value="true"/>