PTC Integration 2009 or Newer

Users and Permissions

Each user who performs Integrity configuration management operations via Stages needs an Integrity user account with appropriate permissions:

  • AddMember Allowed
  • AddSubproject Allowed
  • ApplyLabel Allowed
  • Checkin Allowed
  • CreateChangePackage Allowed
  • CreateSubproject Allowed
  • Demote Allowed
  • FetchRevision Allowed
  • Lock Allowed
  • Login Allowed
  • ModifyMemberRev Allowed
  • OpenProject Allowed
  • Promote Allowed

In addition to this the permission “RemoveOtherUserLock” is needed when a Stages user shall be able to unlock files that have been locked exclusively by another user.

If a user has accounts for Stages and Integrity that differ in the usernames or passwords, he will be prompted once for his Integrity credentials when they are needed. After successful authentication, Stages reuses the credentials for subsequent operations of the user.

Beside the individual user accounts, one Integrity account is needed by Stages for system and administrator operations.