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 +[[:​72:​ptc_integration_new|PTC Integration 2009 or Newer]]
 +====== Users and Permissions ======
 +Each user who performs Integrity configuration management operations via Stages needs an Integrity user account with appropriate permissions:​
 +  * AddMember Allowed
 +  * AddSubproject Allowed
 +  * ApplyLabel Allowed
 +  * Checkin Allowed
 +  * CreateChangePackage Allowed
 +  * CreateSubproject Allowed
 +  * Demote Allowed
 +  * FetchRevision Allowed
 +  * Lock Allowed
 +  * Login Allowed
 +  * ModifyMemberRev Allowed
 +  * OpenProject Allowed
 +  * Promote Allowed
 +In addition to this the permission “RemoveOtherUserLock” is needed when a Stages user shall be able to unlock files that have been locked exclusively by another user.
 +If a user has accounts for Stages and Integrity that differ in the usernames or passwords, he will be prompted once for his Integrity credentials when they are needed. After successful authentication,​ Stages reuses the credentials for subsequent operations of the user.
 +Beside the individual user accounts, one Integrity account is needed by Stages for system and administrator operations.