Use Scripting

Global Script Variables

Description: Set of predefined global variables to be used in Stages data set script or in a collector script.


pkit | stages | $s

  • Description: Starting handle to get process information.
    • getProjectsByName(str)
      • str is the name of a project
      • returns an array of Project elements
    • getProjectByPath (str)
      • str is the path of a project, parent are separated by | e.g. Methodpark | Development | Projects | Project A
      • returns the project element
    • getRootProject()
      • returns the root project element
    • getCurrentProject()
      • returns the project element where the report is located
    • getCurrentProcess()
      • returns the currently viewed process version of the active workspace


  • Return: void
  • Description: Handle to the dataset result set


  • Return: MetricFolder
  • Description: Returns the report folder


  • Return: UserElement
  • Description: Returns the current user