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 +[[:​72:​configure_stages|Configure the Stages Server]]
 +====== Search in Stages ======
 +With the search in Stages it is possible to find "​words"​ or "​elements"​ in all workspaces and applications. Some configuration parameters can be set in the ''<​font inherit/​Courier New,​Courier,​monospace;;​inherit;;​inherit><​PKITHOME>/​WEB-INF/​conf/​PKitConfig.xml</​font>'' ​ configuration file.
 +The following describes an example for such a configuration:​
 + <​index-optimize>​0 0 23 ? * *</​index-optimize>​
 + <​!-- maximal number of search hits; the result set will be truncated to
 + this amount of hits. -->
 + <​max-result-size>​100</​max-result-size>​
 + <​!-- interval in minutes between two index synchronization runs (only
 + ​needed for Oracle RDBMS) -->
 + <​index-sync-interval>​5</​index-sync-interval>​
 +You can define maximal number of search hits and interval for index synchronization to your local environment,​ if you want to change the first parameter, please contact your consultant for more details.