SharePoint Integration

SharePoint Columns

A SharePoint Document Library can optionally be configured with the following pre-defined columns, and Stages will read or write meta-information of SharePoint documents. The columns' names have to be configured in the cms-host section in Config.xml to have the described effect:

SharePoint ColumnHost-Specific CMS PropertyEffect Stages will write its external link for the file into the URL column Stages will write its lifecycle state for the file into the the Status column Stages will read the information from the column and display it as labels in the version history of a document

These columns can be added to your SharePoint Document Library in its settings menu. On the Library Settings page, in the Columns section, click Add from existing site columns. Select the required columns by adding them to the list on the right side of this form.

If the Status column is used by Stages, it has to be configured as either the type Single Line of Text or the type Choice (menu to choose from) with a display format of either dropdown or options (multiple selections are not supported).