SharePoint Integration

Known Limitations

Links are *.aspx files

  • Description: It is necessary to reference links with their full name when linking to them from Stages. SharePoint links are represented by the file extension .aspx, but SharePoint hides the extension by default.
  • Workarounds: N/A

Change state and versioning

  • Description: Metamodel lifecycle settingforceNewVersion has no effect for Sharepoint when versioning is enabled for the document library. In this case a new version is always created on state change.
  • Workarounds: N/A

Uploads via CopyService (default)

  • Description: If SharePoint is configured to not require checkouts for editing and a file is created from Stages, the version history contains two versions. This is done to correct missing information in the initial version. Otherwise, the checkin comment would be lost and the version number might be “0.1”, even if “1.0” was requested. The CMS property initial.checkin.fix in Config.xml controls this behavior (enabled by default).
  • Workarounds:
    • Disable initial.checkin.fix in Config.xml
    • Use FrontPage RPC for uploads by setting the config property upload.service to RPC

Uploads via FrontPage RPC (not default)

  • Description: If an MS Office document is checked in from Stages, the selected state is lost.
  • Workarounds: Use CopyServicefor uploads by setting the config property upload.serviceto CopyService