Subversion Integration

Create a New CMS Profile

  1. Entering a Name for a CMS profile is optional. When a name is specified it will be displayed in forms where a document/file is associated with a CMS profile.
  2. It is required to select a Subversion Host (corresponds to a cms-host as defined in PKitConfig.xml).
  3. The Repository path field refers to the path to the Subversion respository on the server. For https: the repository path would be /svn/ multi-project/projectA.
  4. The fields Username and Password are required for authentication of the Stages system account unless they are specified in PkitConfig.xml.
  5. The CMS profile can be made the default CMS profile of the Stages process and it also can be defined as CMS profile that will be used for CMS-managed resources of the process. You may also configure Predefined comments for checkin operations.
  6. By default all users have to authenticate themselves against the Subversion server. If not all your users have personal Subversion accounts you can use Use system account to handle all interaction with the Subversion server with the Subversion system account, specified in PkitConfig.xml or in the CMProfile.
  7. Click on Save.