MySQL Requirements

Stages supports MySQL 5.7.

The transaction isolation must be set to “READ-COMMITTED” in my.cnf.

Increase the “innodb_lock_wait_timeout” system variable to something larger than 50 seconds (which is the default value) when you encounter “Lock wait timeout exceeded” errors.

Starting with version 7.1, Stages uses the INNODB instead of the MYISAM engine. This can have impact on the server backup strategy, because INNODB files tend to become very large.

If you run Stages with a MySQL database and have a virus scanner installed on the same server, please make sure that the virus scanner is not scanning the database directory as this might lead to database inconsistencies. This problem is a known MySQL error and Oracle is advising to proceed as described.

The Windows 7 search feature causes the same kind of problems as a virus scanner. Please disable this feature on the Stages server.