Understand and Assign User Licenses

Every user needs to be assigned to a specific user license to be able to use Stages.

License Types

The following license types are supported.

Process Modeler (MODEL)

  • Model processes
  • Create and release process versions
  • Define compliance to standards
  • Define tailoring rules
  • All features of PM, PART, and CONT license

Project Manager (PM)

  • Select, tailor, version, and release processes for projects and programs
  • Define and execute reports
  • Freeze completed phases, activities, and work products
  • All features of PART and CONT license

Process Participant (PART)

  • Participate in processes
  • Work with project work products
  • All features of CONT license

Process Contributors (CONT)

  • View modeled processes
  • View compliance information
  • Provide feedback

Please note that depending on the purchased or subscribed license types, your not all license types might be available to you.

Assign User Licenses

Every user needs to be assigned to exactly one license type. To assign a license type to a user, go to Administration > Users, search for the user name and click or tap on the search result. The license type can be changed in the edit dialog.

If a user is assigned to the NONE license type, the user is not able to log in.

The license type of a user restricts the access of the user to certain features (see above). This is independent of the user's permissions. For example, if a user has the permission to edit processes, but is only assigned to a PM or PART license, the user will not be able to edit process content.