Mandatory Manual Upgrade Steps for Version 7.4

These actions need to be executed after upgrading to Stages 7.4 from previous Stages 7 versions:

  • Custom implementations of the de.methodpark.stages.fileservice.preset.logic.Suggestor need to be recompiled against this Stages version.
  • Custom implementation of Check Readiness validators may need to be adjusted and recompiled against this Stages version.
  • To see process modifications via process comparison also in the process diagrams, the diagram scripts must be enhanced.
  • For the notification about new valid versions, a notification widget needs to be added to the process start page.
  • To see the new Role-centric process diagram, a new diagram script must be added.

The new Unified Configuration version 2.4 already contains those updates.

To update your Stages configuration to Unified Configuration V2.4, or to enhance your customized metamodel to use these new features, please contact your Stages Product Consultant or

Adapt the server.xml

The Context definition in “conf/server.xml” has to be adjusted. The following Context tag in server.xml

<Context path="/stages" ...>

has to be extended to contain the following new parameter tag:

<Context path="/stages" ...>
  <Parameter name="javamelody.quartz-default-listener-disabled" value="true" override="false"/>

To be safe in case of any crashes/problems during the update, back up your database (dump) and finally run the Stages update script:

  • Stop the Stages service
  • Execute the update script:
    • Windows: “…\stages\bin\update.bat
    • Linux: “…/stages/bin/
  • Restart the Stages service