General Rules for Writing Documentation


  • :general: Contains general terms and definitions, must be valid across all Stages versions
  • :internal: Internal pages (e.g. this page)
  • :72: Contains all documentation for Version 7.2
  • :73: see above for Version 7.3
  • :74: see above for Version 7.4
  • :75: see above for Version 7.5

New namespaces shall only be created with the approval of the documentation product owner (currently emr).

Page Layout

  • The main heading of every page shall be formatted as “Heading 1”.
  • Pages shall be rather short and only describe a single Stages use case or feature.
  • Subsequent headings on the page can be formatted as “Heading 2”. “Heading 3” and further should be avoided. If the page needs more heading layers, you should introduce sub-pages.

Work in Progress

  • Every page or content that is not complete must have at least one “TBD” marker.