Which version should we use?

When to use Version 7.9 (LTS)

Starting with version 7.7, the Stages release frequency was increased and a new release will be issued every 3-6 months. This means that previous releases will drop out of maintenance earlier than before.

We are aware that not all our customers are able to frequently upgrade their system. For those customers, we will keep Stages version 7.9 under Long Term Support (LTS). An LTS release will be maintained for at least two years until a new LTS release will replace it.

So even if versions 7.10, 7.11, etc., are released, version 7.9 will be under maintenance at least until 2024-08-31.

Can I still use Version 7.8?

Version 7.8 is not maintained anymore. You should plan to upgrade to 7.9.

How long can I still use Version 7.6 (Previous LTS)?

Version 7.6 will be maintained until 2023-03-31. After this date, no updates will be provided.

Customers using version 7.6 should plan to upgrade to the new LTS version 7.9 before 2023-03-31.

When to use Version 6

New customers should not start with version 6 anymore. All customers that still use version 6, we advise to plan an upgrade to version 7.9. Due to technical limitations, we are not able to guarantee compatibility of version 6 releases with modernized infrastructure requirements (e.g. new browser or database versions) or security dependencies (e.g. application server or 3rd party library versions).