ClearCase Integration

Migrating from Snapshot to Dynamic Views

The ClearCase integration of Stages has already been used with snapshot views (default) and you want to migrate to dynamic views.

Step 1:

Stop Stages Server

Step 2:

Configure the properties required for usage of dynamic views in the ClearCase section of PKitConfig.xml:

  • viewType=”dynamic”
  • mvfsDrive=”<driveLetter (e.g. M:)>”
  • vws=”<view storage location to use>”

Step 3:

Start Stages service again and check CMS profiles if the dynamic views can be generated.

Step 4:

Stop Stages Server

Step 5:

  1. Open command line with the same user that runs the Stages service. You may use “Run as” when you are logged on with another user.
  2. Go to the Stages installation directory: C:\Programme\methodpark\Stages
  3. Execute the following command: bin\removeCCViews snapshot
  4. Check the output and the error.log file for problems. The problems must be solved before you should continue with the next step.

Step 6:

If any files were checked out via Stages in the ClearCase snapshot views, the corresponding files will have to be checked out in the new dynamic views. Proceed in the following way:

  1. You still need to be in the Stages installation directory in command line (opened in the context of the user that runs the Stages service).
  2. Execute the following command: bin\restoreCheckouts ClearCase
  3. Check the output and the error.log file for problems.

Step 7:

Restart Stages Server