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-[[:​72:​start|Stages V7.2]]+====== Check Process Consistency ======
-====== Check process ​consistency ​======+Process ​consistency ​is especially important when creating new processes.
-Process ​consistency is primarily used when creating a new projector program-specific process. The consistency ​of modified processes can be statically and dynamically checked before ​the process is releasedProcess consistency checks ensure that there are no gaps in the process, especially in compliance.+To perform consistency checks, go to "​Management > Process ​Versions"​ and click on the three-dot menu of the "​Working Version"​Select "Check Readiness"​.
-TBD+Several consistency checks will be performed in parallel, e.g.
-Need to expand on how to do it when it is in the software+  * Does every activity have a responsible role? 
 +  * Does every process element have a description?​ 
 +  * Are there any unused work products or roles? 
 +Customized consistency checks can be added upon request. 
 +To fix inconsistencies,​ open the list of findings and go to the respective elements. If you are using a desktop browser, you can open the link in a new tab or new window, edit the element, and close the tab or new window again. Then use the browser reload function to re-run ​the consistency checks.