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 ====== Customizing of the PkitMetrics.xml ====== ====== Customizing of the PkitMetrics.xml ======
 +The PkitMetrics.xml comes with the Stages Installation (v.6 and higher) and is stored in the following directory:
 +[Stages directory]\tomcat\webapps\pkit\WEB-INF\conf\PkitMetrics.xml
 +In order to customize it, proceed with the following steps:
 +  - You need to insert your Server-URL instead of "​http://​localhost:​8080"​
 +      - The further steps are necessary if you originally installed Stages with an earlier version than 6.3 and just made an update of your Stages.
 +  - Login to Stages as root User (Administrator). Search for "​Metric User" in the User-Application,​ if there is no user with this name, create a Stages User with the name "​Metric User" on top level and set the password to "​pass"​.
 +      - There is no license necessary for this user but it is important that the name and the password is exactly the same as in the PkitMetrics.xml.
 +  - Go to the settings of the Metric User and set the "​preferred process version"​ to "​Working Revision"​.
 +  - Create a "​MetricRole"​ in your top level workspace "​Company"​.
 +  - To proceed, please choose the substeps regarding to your Stages version
 +      - Stages Version 6: Give the following permissions to the "​MetricRole"​
 +        - Files
 +        - Processes
 +        - Process Version
 +        - Workspaces
 +      - Stages Version 5: Give the following permissions to the "​MetricRole"​
 +        - Files
 +        - Process Version
 +        - Process Workbench
 +        - Projects
 +  - Assign the Metric User to the MetricRole if it is not assigned.