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 +[[:​72:​dimensions|Dimensions Integration]]
 +====== Create a New CMS Profile ======
 +A CMS profile is required for working with Dimensions files in Stages. It defines access details for the repository location and additional settings.
 +   - Entering a Name for a CMS profile is optional. If no name is specified, a display name for the CMS profile containing the Dimensions product and project/​stream name will be created dynamically.
 +  - It is required to select a Dimensions Host (corresponds to a cms-host as defined in PKitConfig.xml).
 +  - The Server, Database name and Database connections fields are read-only. They refer to the corresponding cms-property definitions of the selected Dimensions host.
 +  - Enter the name of the Dimensions Product to use. The product must exist on the selected server in the specified database.
 +  - Enter the name of the Dimensions Project/​Stream to use. A project or stream with the entered name must exist for the Dimensions product.
 +  - The fields Username, Password are required for authentication of the Stages system account. They can be predefined in PkitConfig.xml.
 +  - The CMS profile can be made the default CMS profile of the Stages process and it also can be defined as CMS profile that will be used for CMS-managed resources of the process. Additionally you can configure Predefined comments for checkin operations.
 +  - Click on Save.