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 ====== Manage Process Versions ====== ====== Manage Process Versions ======
-To manage ​process ​versionsgo to the "​Management > Process Versions"​ menu. All versions within the current ​workspace ​are shown in a table that displays name, creator, creation date, and state.+All process ​content should always be version controlled. In Stagesall process content can be versioned by workspace.
-{{:​72:​26143617d8b2ee67e80a9cb3200bb52d.png}}+===== Use existing process versions =====
-=== Versions ​===+To manage process versions, go to ''​Management > Process ​Versions''​. All versions within the current workspace are listed there.
-A process version is process content for a specific time and state.+{{  :​72:​26143617d8b2ee67e80a9cb3200bb52d.png?​direct&​800x344 ​ }}
-On the process versions pagewhere all other process versions are displayedyou can select which process ​version ​you want to have as the [[:​general:​workingversion|working version]] and [[:​general:​validversion|valid version]].+Each version has a statenamecreator, and creation date. The currently valid version ​is marked with "​V", ​the working version ​is marked with "​W"​With the context menu on the right side, you can perform operations on that specific process version:
-=== State === +  *
- +
-There are three different states; "​Draft",​ "Ready for Review",​ and "Ready for Release."​ Click the three dots to the right of the version to change the state of a version. Select "Set State" and then choose which state you want on the pop-up menu.+
 === Add a new version === === Add a new version ===