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 ===== Reference Model Scopes ===== ===== Reference Model Scopes =====
 +Typically a process has to comply only with a specific section of a reference model. For example, a project management process only needs to comply with the Project Planning, Project Monitoring & Control, and Integrated Project Management process areas of the CMMI-DEV standard. Therefore the reference models are normally broken down into **Scopes**, which contain a subset of all reference model requirements.
 +To define the scopes for a new reference model, use ''​Management > Compliance''​ and switch to the ''​Scopes''​ tab. It is only visible if the process kind of the current workspace is set to Reference Model (see above). You can create and delete scopes and add reference model elements to them.
 +Per convention, each reference model should have a **Default **scope, which contains all reference model required that are typically mapped to.
 ===== Cross-Reference Models ===== ===== Cross-Reference Models =====