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   * [[:​7migrate:​stages67gp|Upgrade Stages V6 to Stages V7: general procedure]]   * [[:​7migrate:​stages67gp|Upgrade Stages V6 to Stages V7: general procedure]]
   * [[:​73:​releasenotes#​mandatory_manual_upgrade_steps_for_version_73|Upgrade Stages V7.2 to Stages V7.3]]   * [[:​73:​releasenotes#​mandatory_manual_upgrade_steps_for_version_73|Upgrade Stages V7.2 to Stages V7.3]]
-  * [[:73:​users_groups_permissions|Manage users, groups, and permissions]]+  * [[:74:​users_groups_permissions|Manage users, groups, and permissions]]
   * [[:​73:​workspaces|Manage workspaces, variables, and attributes]]   * [[:​73:​workspaces|Manage workspaces, variables, and attributes]]
   * [[:​73:​admin_jobs|Manage administrative jobs]]   * [[:​73:​admin_jobs|Manage administrative jobs]]