Stages v6 to v7.2 program update - overview

Update requirements: to upgrade to Stages v7.2 the following preliminary topics need to be clarified:

  1. Metamodel: A migration of your customer specific metamodel is required. This will be done by your Stages product consultant. You will receive a Stages v7.2 compatible metamodel file that can be installed to your Stages v7.2 instance.
  2. Database: Your Stages V6 data / database needs to be migrated to a Stages v7 compatible format. For this purpose we provide 3 ways of migration:
  • The database migration will be done by Method Park: You send a dump of your database to Method Park and we will send you a migrated database dump. We will guide you in how to create a dump and how to upload large files to Method Park.
  • Migrate the database on your own: In order to do this you need to install the latest Version of Stages v6 and perform a database cleanup (click link for details). If you are using Oracle please refer to this for the latest Oracle requirements. We suggest that you then install a Stages v7.2 testing server and connect this Stages instance to a copy of your cleaned Stages 6 database. Please be aware that in case of any error this might be a longer lasting procedure. We strongly suggest to let Method Park migrate your database.
  • Start with a plain Stages v7 database: In this case we will send you a Stages v7.2 starting database dump and you can migrate existing data by Stages ZIP import- and export functionality.

Stages v7 program update:

Stages v6 must be deinstalled and v7 will be installed with database dump, metamodel and license. A dedicated guide is available here. We strongly suggest to install a Stages 7.2 testing server first in order to allow you learn how to avoid possible upgrade errors and estimate the required time for a productive update.

How to start your upgrade / How to continue:

Please tell the Stages Support Team how you would like to migrate the Stages 6 data/database and (if available) the name of your Stages product consultant. Please also send us your Stages runtime information. We will then continue to guide you through your customer specific upgrade procedure.