Configure additional languages

Stages comes with English, German and Chinese translations. Other languages can be added in the following way:

  1. Edit conf/config.xml and add/edit the following property by adding the additional language, e.g. “ja” (for Japanese):
    <property name=“supported.languages” value=“en,de,zh,ko,ja”/>
  2. Execute bin/update.bat (Windows) or bin/ (Linux).
    This will generate a properties file with the suffix of the new language (e.g. in …\stages\data-cache\generated. The file contains the English translations. Do not modify it directly because all changes will be overwritten by the next execution of update.bat/sh.
  3. Do the desired translations:
    • Go to conf folder and create a new file there as a copy of It should be named local_[enter language abbreviation here].properties. Example:
    • Copy all message properties that you want to translate from the file that was generated in step 2
    • Paste the message properties to the new properties file in the conf folder and translate the message texts there
  4. Execute bin/update.bat (Windows) or bin/ (Linux) again.
  5. Restart Stages.
  6. Login and open your user settings. Set the language to the new configured language to test if the new translations are shown. The English translations are still used for all untranslated messages.