Deployment Guide

Configuring the Browser

To use the autologin feature, a browser has to be configured to use SPNego authentication for trusted Intranet sites. Furthermore proxy usage for Intranet sites should be disabled.


Open the Firefox configuration page by typing about:config into the URLaddress bar. You can filter the configuration options by typing “nego” into the search bar. Next, change network.negotiate-auth.delegation-uris and network.negotiateauth.trusted-uris to the DNS domain name of the Stages server. You are free to use a smaller sub-part like in our example. The original domain name is , but we used to enable SPNego for the whole company. Then, change the search filter to “proxy” and add an expression like * to the property network.proxy.no_proxies_on .

Microsoft Internet Explorer

First, open “Tools” then “Internet options”. Select the “Security” tab, “Local Intranet”, and then the “Sites” button. Next, click “Advanced”. Add the DNS domain of your Stages server to the trusted URLs list. Enable SPNego support for the “Local Intranet” zone then go back to the “Security” tab and press “Custom Level”. Next, scroll down to “User Application” and check “Automatic logon only in Intranet Zone”. Go back to “Internet Options” dialog box and select the “Advanced” tab. Scroll down until “Secruity” and check “Enable Integrated Windows Authentication (requires restart)”. Lastly, you have to change the Proxy settings to avoid proxy usage. Go to the advanced proxy settings and add an exception for the DNS domain name of the Stages server.