Initiate a Process Release

After a process model reached a certain state of maturity, it should be reviewed, potentially approved, released, and used in practice.

Several process release automations can be defined. See here for more details.

To initiate a process release, go to Management > Process Versions and select one of the available automations.

If it is likely that a certain automation will be primarily used, that automation can be pinned as the default for easier access.

The details depend on the actual automation settings, but typically every release is started with creating a new process version. The reviewers, approvers, and other participants of the release are shown on the right side of the screen.

Simply fill out the form and let the automation do the rest.

Initiate Creation of Interface Release Versions

When the process has introduced new or modified existing interfaces to processes in other workspaces, creating an interface release of these workspaces can be requested. To do this the release automation needs to contain the respective step as shown in the management of process release automations.
Simply select the workspaces also containing interfaces to be released as well. Stages will then create a new valid version of these workspaces from the current valid version and only add the changes to the interfaces from the workspace starting the automation.