Reading Attributes

Stages allows to configure attributes in the metamodel.

Assume that the following attribute types are configured in your PKitConfig.xml file:

 <attributeType ident="important_type" type="BOOLEAN" />
 <attributeType ident="identifier_type" type="STRING" />
 <attributeType ident="phaseState" type="SELECTION">
   <option ident="future" defaultOption="true"/>
   <option ident="active"/>
   <option ident="completed"/>

and your metamodel configuration contains a process attribute like:

 <processtype ident="unified_configuration">
   <attribute typeIdent="phaseState"/>

1. Create a Report with a Stages Data Source and a Data Set

2. Create a result column Attribute

3. Copy the Data Set script from the example into your Data Set

4. Set your current Metric to an existing metric in a Stages project

This example shows:

var process =
if (process.length !=0 ) {
 var attribute_values = process[0]