Dimensions Integration

Create a New CMS Profile

A CMS profile is required for working with Dimensions files in Stages. It defines access details for the repository location and additional settings.


  1. Entering a Name for a CMS profile is optional. If no name is specified, a display name for the CMS profile containing the Dimensions product and project/stream name will be created dynamically.
  2. It is required to select a Dimensions Host (corresponds to a cms-host as defined in PKitConfig.xml).
  3. The Server, Database name and Database connections fields are read-only. They refer to the corresponding cms-property definitions of the selected Dimensions host.
  4. Enter the name of the Dimensions Product to use. The product must exist on the selected server in the specified database.
  5. Enter the name of the Dimensions Project/Stream to use. A project or stream with the entered name must exist for the Dimensions product.
  6. The fields Username, Password are required for authentication of the Stages system account. They can be predefined in PkitConfig.xml.
  7. The CMS profile can be made the default CMS profile of the Stages process and it also can be defined as CMS profile that will be used for CMS-managed resources of the process. Additionally you can configure Predefined comments for checkin operations.
  8. Click on Save.