Configure the Stages Server

Document Lifecycles

Stages supports the application of document lifecycles on document instances. These lifecycles are configured in the process metamodel. For each document lifecycle, certain document states are defined, which can be illustrated by a color/style. The following is a section from the process metamodel. It specifies the usage of the color “green” for the document state “released”:

<state ident="released" style="green">

If you want to use another color than the predefined colors red, orange, yellow and green, or you want to overwrite the color value of one of these predefined colors you have to add an additional line to the stylesheet custom.css. Please use the following examples as templates for the definition of new document state colors:

Example 1 – Overriding the predefined document state color green:

.documentstate_green { background-color:# 00f100 }

Example 2 – Creating a new document state color:

.documentstate_blue: { background-color:# 012af6 }

Note: PTC Integrity stores an attribute named “State” for every version in the system. Stages uses this attribute to store the lifecycle-status for a document. Therefore every lifecycle-status defined in Stages must be recognized by PTC Integrity as a valid value for the “State”-attribute.

In order to use PVCS with document lifecycles you have to use PVCS Version 8.0 or higher. Stages uses PVCS promotion groups for storing document status. Therefore you have to define a promotion group in the PVCS promotion model for every document-state.