Content Migration

Migration of text written in the old rich-text editor (Stages 5.x) can be performed in two ways:

  1. on demand/step by step - this is the Stages Web method
  2. bulk/all in one - this is the Stages Composer method

Both methods use the same cleanup algorithms.

On Demand Migration

The on demand (step by step) migration is performed every time when a description is opened in the rich-text editor.

The description which is stored in the database is validated and runs through a cleanup process. If Stages detects a content loss between the original and the cleanup version of the description, a compare view is shown and the user is asked if the convert operation should be performed.

Bulk Migration

The bulk migration can be performed by the Stages Composer. The Stages Composer performs an analysis of the complete process and offers a list of warnings together with quick fix options.

Whenever a validation problem is detected by the Stages Composer a warning is produced. This warning is shown in the Problems-tab. All warnings of the type “Rich text markup is malformed. This may cause problems in the editor.” are produced by the validation process.

By right clicking the warning (or multiple warnigs) the quick fix menu is shown.

By choosing Quick Fix –> Cleanup Formatting either the formatting is cleanup or the Cleanup Formatting dialog is shown.


The migration can be influenced by a number of configuration parameters. Please adapt the configuration according to your needs. The following automatic migration procedures are built in:

  • Migrate old styles to new editor styles
  • Rescue special HTML tags into unmanaged sections by
    • tags
    • regular expressions
  • Copy parent tag styles to child tags
  • Copy child tag styles to parent tags