Configure the Stages Server

Email Feedback Mechanism

Stages contains a feature for user feedback via e-mail. The users can then write feedback mails by simply using the predefined mail addresses. The feedback can thereby be given for a configurable number of categories. These categories must be configured in the <PKITHOME>/WEB-INF/conf/PKitConfig.xml configuration file.

The following example describes such a configuration:

<feedback address="">

 <category ident="process" address=""/>
 <category ident="misc"/>

In this configuration, two categories “process” and “misc” are defined. The feedback for the “process” category will be sent to “”, all other feedback will be sent to the default address “” defined directly at the “feedback” element.

For every category, a cleartext message must be configured that will be shown to the user on the GUI and that will also be used as the e-mail subject. This messages are defined via properties and must be named


For example, to define a user message and e-mail subject for the “process” category, “feedback.category.process = Process” would be used.

Note: E-mail notification has to be defined properly in order to enable the feedback mechanism. The corresponding feedback link is shown in the service area.