Configure the Stages Server

E-mail Notifications

The Stages e-mail notification service informs Stages users about new news application entries and the assignment of new roles. Also Stages can schedule certain tasks such as the creation of a process version, if a notification server has been configured. The task will then be queued and the user will be informed once it is finished.

Before using this notification service, a few configuration parameters must be set in the <STAGESHOME>/conf/config.xml configuration file.


 <!-- URL of Stages server -->

 <!-- hostname of SMTP server where e-mail can be delivered -->

 <!-- address that should be used as the "Reply-To:" header -->

 <!--address that should be used as the "From:" header -->
 <sender>Stages Notification Service <></sender>

 <!-- interval for "ASAP" notifications in minutes -->


To use encrytped communication with the mail server via STARTTLS please proceed as follows:

  • Windows:
    • Open file “<Stages installation path>\stages\config.bat”
    • Add the red colored setting to the line: set JAVA_OPTS=-Dmail.smtp.port=587 -Dmail.smtp.starttls.enable=true
    • Open a cmd with administrative permissions and navigate to folder “<Stages installation path>\stages\bin”
    • Reinstall the Stages service: reinstallService.bat
    • Restart Stages service: net start stages
  • Linux:
    • Open file “<Stages installation path>/stages/bin/rc.conf”
    • Add the red colored seeting to the line: CONF_JAVA_OPTS=-Dmail.smtp.port=587 -Dmail.smtp.starttls.enable=true
    • Restart the Stages service: stages restart